TV & Video – Recession-busting?

Former More 4 head Peter Dale is launching his production company Rare Day with a mission to find new ways of making high-quality documentaries, factual entertainment and drama. Rare Day’s first series, the details of which are under wraps, will be a co-production, and collaborations with other producers and organisations outside the conventional media are intended to be a key feature of the indie.

He said: “It’s sensible for us to be building alliances with other kinds of organisations which have something interesting to say or which can have a different expertise.” Dale plans to steer clear of a business-led approach, aiming instead to build a company that is “quite small and organic”. “It will allow me to do the things that I am interested in,” he said.

Bargain hunting for talented indies
Major media players are strengthening their position in the market by using the economic downturn as an opportunity to buy up smaller attractive indies.
De Agostini, NBC Universal, Fremantle Media and ITV Studios are hunting for bargains and have declared their intentions to keep on acquiring, despite the economic slump.
While it may seem as if these big companies are bucking the trend by looking to expand, acquiring content may be the one thing that can steer larger companies through the tough times.

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