TV & Video – BBC Cooperation

Culture secretary Andy Burnham has outlined a PSB future in which broadcasters co-operate and scheduling clashes in the chase for ratings are a thing of the past.
Burnham called on public service broadcasters to look beyond their own organisations and backed the BBC’s plans to pursue partnerships with its rivals.

Burnham repeated pledges for a “twin-track” approach with Ofcom to shaping the future of PSB, with both regulator and government publishing their views early next year.
This was followed by the BBC’s own proposals for 
PSB partnership, in areas including:

  • A digital archive tool
  • A digital production tool
  • Regional news
  • Distribution
  • iPlayer
  • Internet-connected television
  • Broadband
  • Exploitation 
Partnerships with BBC Worldwide
  • Enabling Partnerships

Initial modelling by Deloitte indicates that by 2014 the partnerships explored in the BBC proposals could generate over £120m of annual benefit to PSB beyond the BBC compared to a scenario without them. The ultimate benefits of these proposals will of course depend on their exact design and implementation, including more detailed discussion with partners about the nature and scale of the benefits.

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