Technology – Augmented Reality

Vuzix recently announced their new Wrap 920AV pair of sunglasses with both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. The device comes with a 60 inch virtual screen, the ability to view 2D or 3D video formats, has 6 hours of battery life, and is compatible with mobile devices (including the iPhone), digital cameras, DVD players, game consoles, and PCs.

Check out these additional ways to experience AR:

Augmented Reality Devices: Games
AR is already becoming increasing popular for gaming purposes, because it can add a whole new layer of interactivity to games. The AR Tower Defense for Nokia N95 is a game that uses a real world puzzle, but your phone’s lens changes your view of the puzzle. The two layers combined create a whole new type of gaming addiction.

Augmented Reality  Practical Purposes
An innovative mobile app is for G1 owners adds location-based Wikipedia content to the camera lens of real-world places . Users may hold the phone’s camera against a spectacular mountain range and see the names and heights displayed as overlay mapped with the mountains in the camera.

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