Technology – 3D Stereoscopic TV & Games

As Hollywood Studios continue to invest heavily in 3D Stereoscopic movies, it seems that Television and Games could be the next to get the 3D treatment.

West Midlands-based Blitz Games has recently trialled the world’s first 3D stereoscopic games. Surveys, revealed at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles, show that most gamers remain optimistic about the potential of stereoscopic technology.

Meanwhile, Sky has been trialling broadcasting in stereoscopic 3D

It is still unclear, however, as to whether or not at-home TV audiences will take to this in the same way that film-goers seem to be taking to 3D films. There are two big issues to consider here. First of all, 3D TV requires investment in expensive new 3D capable TV sets, (not yet available on the UK high street), which is a far bigger investment in what is, essentially, a gimmick than paying an extra couple of pounds on top of the usual cinema ticket price.

Secondly, there is the question of how and why audiences respond to 3D. In a cinema environment, audiences benefit from the shared group response to the 3D – that semi-comical/magical moment as hundreds of people collectively duck when items are thrown out of the screen or try to reach up and grab objects protruding from it. This sense of fun is somewhat lost in a consumer’s own living room, watching 3D images on TV.

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