Digital & Social Media – Government Policy

The UK Government has promised a report early in 2009 containing recommendations of potential improvements which could be made in the country’s digital economy.

The Communications, Technology and Broadcasting Minister, Stephen Carter, will spearhead the Government’s “Digital Britain Report” (DBR) – promised by the spring of 2009 – which will look mainly at closing the digital divide in Britain but also at how content is provided.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “The objectives the DBR will look to deliver are open markets; empowered and informed consumers and citizens; universal access to high-quality content, a responsive, up-to-date regulatory framework and, importantly, a world-leading position for the UK in this critical sector.”

UK Council for Child Internet Safety Launches
The UK Government launched its programme to help protect children from exposure to potentially harmful content on the Internet, including some forms of advertising.

The new UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) aims to bring together more than 100 organisations from the public and private sector working to protect children from exposure to harmful content online, such as pornography, gaming and certain types of advertising.

The UK Government is the first in Europe to launch such a project to address internet safety for children. A similar project was launched in the US earlier this year featuring many of the same companies involved in the UKCCIS. The Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF), however, is more business-focused.

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