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Nokia to co-sponsor film on Dailymotion
Nokia has become the first brand to co-sponsor a film on Dailymotion as part of the video sharing site’s plans to ramp up third-party commissions. Nokia and Dailymotion are co-funding a video travelogue from India starring Morgan O’Donovan, an up-and-coming filmmaker brought to prominence through Dailymotion’s Motionmaker programme. The mobile giant is sponsoring O’Donovan’s four-week trip around the Indian subcontinent, which is being filmed on a Nokia E71 handset Digby Lewis, Dailymotion UK creative director, said, “Now we see people like Morgan O’Donovan harnessing the latest technology from companies like Nokia to record and upload high quality films direct to their Dailymotion profile and instantly share them with millions of viewers around the world.”

In an interesting move going the other way, mobile content specialists Connect2Media and  Zed Group have both recently announced that they intend to step into TV production. CTO and co-founder of Connect2Media Peter Scott told Crain’s Manchester Business that while TV production firms often talked about developing a 360-degree vision they rarely did so. “We want to get up the food chain and gain a greater share of the revenue if ideas are successful”.

The Madrid-based Zed Group, best known for providing ringtones, games and wallpaper to mobile phones, has teamed up with Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 TV to create a reality TV program, “Rico al instante,” or Instantly Rich. reports that Rico is the inaugural show for the newly launched Zed TV, whose goal is to develop content that integrates the internet, mobile phones and social networking with TV production.
The show, which will air in early January, is offering a 500,000 euro ($700,000) prize, one of the biggest cash prizes on Spanish television. Rico will search Spain for five finalists, brought to their attention by SMS messages or social networking sites. The finalists will present their case on why they should win on camera, and viewers will be able to vote by phone, text, and online for the winner.

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