Mobile and Wireless Devices – Microblogging and Social Networking

2008 was very much the year of Twitter, and some analysts are already predicting that the text-based microblogging service will have an even bigger influence on blogging in 2009.

Meanwhile, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that 20.8 million people now use Facebook on mobile devices, and that mobile users are far more active than those who don’t use it on their mobile phone.

Further evidence of the increasing importance of mobile services that tie-in with online sites comes from Andrew Bud, executive chairman of mobile billing aggregator mBlox and global chairman of industry association the Mobile Entertainment Forum. He commented that the heyday of digital jewellery (handset personalization products) is over and the fastest-growing business for mBlox is mobile-billed PC services, as games and social networks offer the option as a way for kids to pay. “Mobile transactions for services used on PCs are helping compensate for the flagging growth in revenue from mobile content staples, such as ring tones and wallpapers”.

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