Mobile and Wireless Devices – Introduction

For too many years all the talk around mobile has been focused on its potential as a content distribution platform, with Mobile TV, in particular, proving a perennial candidate for ‘the next big thing’…. and usually failing to live up to this billing.

The past twelve months, however, have seen major advances primarily – but not exclusively – through the technological development of smart phones, notably the iPhone and Google’s Android. But equally important have been improvements in cameraphones that have opened the door for devices to be used in production/development of content and new applications and services such as Twitter that have unlocked the power of mobiles as microblogging and social networking tools.
In both these areas, we seem to be waking up to the fact that the greatest potential in mobile may not be what content we can put on a phone, but what we can get from it, and how they can be used to integrate more fully with web-based services.

Interesting article rounding up big mobile stories of 2008 and how they are likely to play out in 2009 courtesy of MocoNews

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